19 de juliol 2007

"Say you are Spanish or I lock you up". The modern Spanish Inquisition

I present you the real Spanish Fiesta. In Spain they do not only torture animals in their national fiesta (bullfighting) but they torture other "kind" of "animals". The real Spanish Fiesta starts when they arrest a non-Spanish secessionist. Beneath you have two examples of the cold war and the abnormal situation in which we live in Catalonia and in the Basque Country. A dark and deep racist mentality is hidden under the cover of the Spanish democracy, which consider Catalans, Basques and their ideas an illness that must be treated and cured. Catalans and Basques are ill Spanish that have chosen the wrong way or have wrong ideas that must be arranged.

Those who want independence and don't feel Spanish must be violent people and completely mentally ill and they have to be re-educated to the good Spanish way of life. Feeling non-Spanish is unnatural. And as a mentally ill person you have to choose: or you get cured or you get locked up just to avoid the infection of other people with your dangerous ideas. As a matter of faith, the modern Spanish Inquisition trials judge non-Spanish heretics. Being Spanish is a religion. If you don't want to be Spanish you must face the modern democratic Inquisition and its "methods" to keep the true Spanish faith. No rights, no laws. Everything is permitted: false proofs, forced statements, false police reports, false testimonies. But of course, before that you must "turn your camara off". Don't let the world see any other truth but theirs. Welcome to our own apartheid, where Catalans are inferior, where being a Catalan is a signal of insanity, where you have no rights if you don't agree with the Spanish essences, where you have to feel guilty for being Catalan, where you can be condemned and tortured physically or psychologically with impunity and without proofs. It is just an advice: look what can happen to you if you feel what we don't want you to feel and if you think what we don't want you to think. Welcome to the sunny and happy re-education camp called Spain. No, fascism is not back. In Spain fascism never left.

This is the Catalan documentary called Eric and the Army of the Phoenix

This is the documentary by the Australian TV channel SBS about Spanish torture The Spanish Inquisition (Australians, as everybody knows, are dangerous anti-Spanish liars, of course)

Shame on Spain