13 d’octubre 2007

Spain's "national" day. Nothing to celebrate.

Yesterday was the "national" day of Spain. The day of the Spanish "race" as it was known some years ago, today disguised as the day of "hispanity". It is curious how Spaniards are still proud of the "castilianization" and "evangelization" of America which costed more than 100 milion native lives. Spain is still proud of one of the worst genocides and human crimes in history and they celebrate the begining of the end of American native cultures under slavery, war and extermination. Now they call it the building of "hispanity" and they still think that Americans should be thankful for being civilized and taught to speak Spanish. It is the day when fascism appears with impunity, with their nazi flags unfurled thogether with the Spanish flag, and the arms saluting in the fascist way while threatening to kill well-known pacific defenders of Catalanism (look at the video).

This year the extreme patriot messages from the second Spanish party (PP) recall the old pre-democrat speeches made by general Franco during the long Spanish fascist regime. The aggressive Spanish nationalism will turn against the same democracy, trying to come back to the old murderer dictatorship in a way to destroy not only any other non-castilian nation in Spain but to destroy the essence of freedom, but the Spanish political parties feed it instead of stopping it. The way Spain has taken is becoming dangerous. The hysteria due to the growing secession feeling in Catalonia and the Basque Country is waking up the old "imperial" language that lights the latent catalanophobia of the Spanish nationalism. The say they are the victims of the evil nationalists (Catalans and Basques, of course) but they only hide hate and the will of the complete genocide of any other culture but Castilian.

But in Catalonia even though the call of PP to show the Spanish flag in public, in Barcelona you could see more Catalan independentist flags (in reply) than Spanish flags (even though Barcelona is the place where most of the old Spanish immigrants in Catalonia live). The most of the old Spanish immigrants are nowadays Catalans, and their children are Catalans too. Catalonia is not a race. Catalonia is a feeling where everybody is welcome. We have no day of the "race" as racist Spanish nationalism.

This is a warning to the world. Spain has the tanks. Spain has the police forces. Spain has the judgeship (in the next post I will talk about the "rights" Catalans have in a trial). They have the big media to poison every information about Catalonia that goes abroad. We are defenceless. This is a message just in case. We know Spain too well to believe in its real democracy. We know the Spanish informations are intoxicated and show only what the Spanish state machinery want to be shown. The attacks to Catalanist groups and people is growing (even with bombs in Valencia), but the Spanish media say nothing about that, in what is a cold war against Catalonia and Catalanism.

We live in an ill and deformed democracy. We live in a variety of fascism. We vote but we do not decide. We have no real rights. Laws are not made for us but against us. We live in a country where democracy is used against people's rights (only if people are Catalans).

The Spanish army marched yesterday in Madrid (as every year) as a warning of who is the real guardian of the unity of Spain. The army has the mission to keep the unity of Spain against all inner "enemy" (that means secessionists). So the Spanish democracy allows the army to destroy any democratic attempt to build an independent Catalonia. Our call for a democratic referendum can be legally crushed by force.

The world must have that clear.

Shame on Spain. October 12th is a dark day to remember the Spanish genocide.

Freedom for Catalonia.

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Roger ha dit...

Absolutely spot on.

Glad someone is telling it as it is.